Using All Of Your Social Media Clout To Sell At Once

No single social media profile is going to “take you to the next level” unless you are incredibly lucky. Most people get ahead because of a synchronized strategy that combines the aggregated effect of many social media profiles. Let’s take a look at how you can do this, courtesy Mario Martinez Jr. from

Find the Relevant Social Media Profiles

Just because you should have more than one social media profile does not mean that you have to be on all of them. You do not even need to be on all of the major profiles if they are not relevant to your brand or to your industry. You may start with more profiles than you end up focusing on. Weed out the profiles that do not grow. Profiles that attract the wrong attention should also be completely shut down. Do not simply ignore them; empty profiles may negatively affect your search engine rankings.


Start by making a profile on all major social media profiles and niche platforms that are dedicated to your industry. Weed them out by testing relevant content and analyzing the response that you get. Are people following you? Are they accepting you as a member of the community, or are they ignoring you?

Once You Have the Right Profiles, Aggregate/Automate Your Posts

Once you have tested all of the major and niche social sites and narrowed them down, you must focus your efforts on the most relevant ones. You can use a program like HootSuite to schedule and automate your posts for many social media profiles at once. This will speed up your production, and it will give you a ubiquitous presence that you can maintain while still having a life (and sleeping).

MarketWatch and other major marketing platforms say that you should have anywhere from six to seven posts on social media per day. Once you start this level of production, you must keep it up in order to maintain your audience. Aggregation programs are essential to maintaining this front.

Aggregate Your Trends

Once you have a consistent line of posts, you will be able to start analyzing how people are responding to your content. You want to respond to trends across social media platforms, not just a single angry customer. Apps like Miappi and Tintup will give you trends across platforms. It is up to you to determine the metrics of your analysis, but you can filter your searches by certain negative keywords, by attitude through demographics, etc. Focus on the response of your target market; any other reactions are honestly less important.


Revise Content to Focus on Your Target

Once you have determined how your core audience is responding to your content, you have enough information to revise it. The first few times you do this, you may have a drop off in total audience. That’s fine - you are focusing your content on the people who will actually convert for you in the future. You do not need casual fans at this point, and directing content may cause some of them to leave. They will be back once you start selling; don’t worry.


You will be revising your content for the entirety of the time you are selling on the Internet, so never think that you are done with this process. The needs of your target market will change over time. Your preferred target may also change. However, if you use the right tools and keep the right focus, you can gather a great deal of information from your social media that you can use to sell.

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