It is understandable that the average person may feel that ‘self-help’ are quite often ‘helpless’ but taking a slightly different slant on making yourself more productive just may give you a new perspective on life. Here are 7 ways to take the challenge and be more productive.

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1. Hone Your Professional Skills

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2. Help Someone

Giving assistance to someone doesn’t have to be a herculean task. Sometimes just a few minutes of considered thought can go a long way to making someone’s day. Start simple by answering a question, responding to an email or tweet. It may not seem like much, but it will be an act of giving that will go a long way.


3. Create A Daily Routine

The majority of famous authors, celebrities and politicians stick to a daily routine, so why shouldn’t you? Plan today for tomorrow and try to blend with the groove you set.


4. Don’t Put Things Off

So you meet someone and you say that you must call them soon, or you glance at an important message or notice and say, ‘I’ll come back to it later.’ The trouble is that later may never come. Make plans to call that particular person within the week. Answer that important message; respond to the notice right away.


5. Get Your Beauty Rest

It may sound kindergarten, but taking a nap really recharges you. Decide where you will do this and make sure you are comfortable when you do it.


6. Keep A Journal

Penning your goals, accomplishments, hope, fears and aspirations motivate you in a way you never dreamed possible. Writing items down also makes your future goals seem more realistic.


7. Say ‘No’ and Mean It

If you are trying to resist temptation but are failing, chances are you are not using the correct mantra. For example, if you know you don’t want to eat the bag of chips because you are trying to lose weight, saying ‘I don’t eat chips’ compared with ‘I can’t eat chips’ is 61% more effective.


What are your best productivity hacks?

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