5 Important Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Recruiting Millenials

The last of the millennial generation is about to enter the workforce. It was 2000 when the first of that generation began to look for jobs and begin their careers. The millennials now make up nearly half of the entire workforce. Such high numbers make it essential for businesses to recruit millennials in an effective way. However, this generation is unique from those that came before it. Millennials want to be communicated with in a certain way and they see jobs differently than their parents and grandparents.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started with recruiting this new generation:

1. Embrace social media

Social media is the new newspaper—and especially the new want-ads. It is where millennials go to find out what is going on around them and it is where they go to find new jobs. Have social media platforms that allow potential employees to learn more about your company and your company culture. But don’t just have social media accounts. Make them personal. Make the person behind the social media visible. Millennials are not content to just know information about a company. They want to know a company. They want to interact with it and feel like they are getting to truly engage with a brand. For example, Esperanza’s Tours will regularly curate travel articles from around the world on their Facebook page, which is exactly the type of content their target audience wants to see. If you are hiring through social media, millennials will feel a more personal connection if they know that there is someone real that they are engaging with.


2. Make it matter

The why matters. Millennials will no longer just take a job. They have to understand how taking this job will help them with their professional goals. Make it clear how employment with your company would be beneficial to their professional development. So, if there is opportunity for growth in the company, this matters to them. The why also matters when it comes to the bigger picture. This means that you need to illustrate to candidates how beneficial employment at your company is. And this doesn’t just mean why they should join or what their potential growth in the company could look like, it means how their work could impact the world. The mantra of Ultimate Shield is to provide value to their customers by protecting their mobile devices, and their employees know this by heart.

3. It’s okay that not everyone is right for the job

Leave everyone with a good impression. Even if a candidate is not qualified for a job, be respectful to them. In today’s world, experiences are shared rapidly. Social media means the world can comment on your company and how it effected them, in a positive or negative way.


4. Company culture is really important

Millennials are not okay working like generations before them did. They want a work-life balance. Embracing your employees lives outside of their time at work will shine through and show that not only does your company encourage employees to not over-work themselves, but it also shows a tight-knit company that cares about each individual person. Having a space where they can enjoy coming to work and feel that they can trust and rely on their co-workers is a priority for millennials, and it is also a priority for companies—a quarter of US employers believe that upgrading employer branding should be a recruiting priority and 85% of recruiters understand that employer branding has a major impact on their hiring ability.


5. Encourage failure

Entrepreneurship has exploded. Nearly everyone wants to be one. They want to follow their passion, learn new things, and create something unique and significant. But entrepreneurship comes hand-in-hand with failure. It’s part and parcel. Make sure that your business is okay with that and explain that you are to recruits. Explain that you want them to explore and innovate and that if they fail, all you expect is that they keep trying.

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