Large scale commerce is a tricky business. With so many services and goods available on the free market, how do you get your brand to stand out? It’s a combination of strategies that involve branding to create an ideal image so that you appear as a winner in your industry. This is going to be vital to your company as a whole in creating a true following of consumers. They will come back to you again and again, which is the point. Repetitive business for a large ROI is what you want your brand to strive for at all times. Endear yourself to your target market by being memorable. Here are 5 brands with top notch personalities and branding that make them highly successful. Follow their lead and your brand can excel with your own marketing efforts.

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Example #1: MailChimp

This company is an email marketing platform that over 14 million people use. One of their slogans is that “being yourself makes all the difference.” So right off the bat, they are clearly targeting companies and customers that want to be unique. This is a smart method of content creation for their brand. Another key part of MailChimp is their logo. It’s an adorable monkey with an old school mail carrier hat. If you see the full version of the monkey, he’s even got a mailbag with him. Cute, memorable, and fun this is a company that doesn’t take itself so seriously and their customers respond to that.


Example #2: Spa Trouve

The medi-spa industry is a booming business. There is so much competition out there that a brand truly needs to stand out in a key way. Spa Trouve is one such company, a Utah Valley medical spa, that manages to convey a message of beauty and exclusivity that makes their potential clientele want to come directly to their facility to be taken care of. Across their entire site, this branding is repeated over and over again to roaring success.


Example #3: Westville

This classic NYC restaurant located in the West Village of Manhattan is a standout for many reasons. When you look at their website you can see how they stay true to their roots, message, and identity. This is a dining institution that stands the test of time, attracting visitors and residents of the area alike to have brunch, lunch, and dinner in style.


Example #4: BambooHR

Positioning themselves as the quintessential software brand for human resources services, BambooHR is simple and straightforward. That’s probably why they are the #1 HR software company in the world. HR people tend to be pretty direct with their focus and this company understand their needs. With a simple word-based logo that is a typography of the company name and tiny bamboo leaves, it’s memorable and easy to look at.


Example #5: Curve Dental

No one loves going to the dentist. That’s why Curve Dental uses a bit of humor and levity in this usually boring and drab industry. They have created dental software that helps businesses build a “killer practice.” There is so much personality on their website that it’s definitely fun to look at. Making this a vital part of their service positions them as a standout in the dental industry.


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