3 Brilliant Tips Every Aspiring Business Leader Should Know

If you are traversing the terrain of business leadership, you are probably working under pressure and possibly feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of projects and meetings looming ahead. With all the stress, it can be hard to focus on the simple goals of your business.

Russell Brunson, author of DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online says it’s not about driving traffic to your website or increasing your online sales, but about building out a process that can fuel those two goals.


If you can learn those best practices from entrepreneurs who are successful, you can put them into action with your own business.

Here are three pieces of advice from various expert sources to help set yourself apart in business while maintaining an awareness of what is happening around you in your company.

1. Divide your projects.

This is called chunking. Split each project into a chunk of work that focuses on a single task. Then assign each task to a single employee or team. This will allow you, as the leader, to keep an eye on the big picture while guiding your teams toward solutions for each task. Wikipedia lists the aspects of a task, “including its status, priority, time, human and financial resources assignments, recurrency, notifications and so on.”


2. Simplicity is key.

According to Forbes Magazine, you should definitely allow room for your company to grow, but keep it simple. Do not allow extraneous issues to overtake your tasks and projects. For example, if you are working on a marketing strategy for a product, do not become distracted by other issues, such as how the product is to be made and how it is to be distributed to retailers. These are separate tasks. Harvard Business Review also reminds us that “decision simplicity” is the key to having customers who stick with your product.


3. Have a presence on social media.

Nowadays, social media is the key to unlocking the door to thousands of potential customers. Huffington Post tells us that “the average person spends almost two hours a day on social media.” That is equivalent to one twelfth of their lives. Social media helps connect you with your customers and attest to your credibility as a company every day. Remember, however, that social media is just one aspect of your approach to sales and marketing. In an interview with Monster.com, Lisa Tilt, president of Full Tilt Consulting, reminds readers that “social media is the vehicle, not the strategy.”


As you can see, there are several things you can do as an entrepreneur to keep your company strong.

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